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Arawak Islands Frequente Industrial Park, St. George's

Arawak Islands in Grenada

No vacation is complete without the purchase of a few souvenirs to remember it by. Ordinarily, these items would end up in the back of some forgotten cupboard, taking up space and providing wonderful nesting material for that colony of spiders which always seem to enjoy it more than you do.

Why not get a souvenir which you can put to some good use? It is said that some of the most enduring memories are associated with the sense of smell, and what could be more pleasant than associating the smell of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and allspice with warm sunshine, white sandy beaches and a wonderful time?

That is why we strongly suggest that you take the time (only an hour or so) from your hectic schedule of soaking up that sunshine and sipping cocktails, to visit Arawak Islands.

Arawak Islands is a small privately run factory which specializes in products made from what our island is famous for. From hermetically sealed packets of spices, to perfumes made from the local flowers, you can even put together a special gift pack of your own.

At Arawak Islands, they feature a good selection of souvenirs which will tantalize the senses and encourage you to return to the island.
Arawak Islands in Grenada Arawak Islands in Grenada

Situated at the Frequente Industrial Park on the main road to the Aiirport, their friendly staff will take you around the facility and gladly answer any and all questions, as well as explain all the different spices/perfumes or gifts which they make on the premises. Everything is handmade, and at VERY reasonable prices.

It would be so much nicer to get someone a small gift which you know was actually made on the island you visited, rather than some mass produced trinket which may say "Grenada" on one side, but has "Made in Taiwan" embossed on the back. That is why, for something authentically 'Grenadian', we would recommend Arawak Islands.

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