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Arts & Craft Market Grand Anse Beach, St. George's

Vendor's Market on Grand Anse Beach Grenada

The government came up with a promising idea to get the vendors off of the beach, but still give them a great way to display their craft and souvenirs. This was to build an arts and crafts market where they could display their wares attractively. The new market is quite colourful, and is located on the Grand Anse beach, alongside the Grand Beach Resort, just a short walk from the water taxi floating dock.

Each vendor has their own booth where they can display their goods. A lot of the local crafts are represented, including the blind workshop.

To give the cruise ship visitors a chance to visit it if they wished, all the water taxis were instructed to make this the place to disembark passengers, and the arrangement seems to have worked quite well. Of course, once on the beach, you are free to go wherever you wish.

The market itself is well maintained, with booths and small shops around the perimeter. Wonder in there and you can get your hair braided, have a cool drink and a snack and sample the local fruits. Of course, there are a few things for the souvenir hunter. Whether you like printed wraps made here on the island, or just the generic T-shirt with the the word 'Grenada' on it (which you will most likely give to some poor unsuspecting relative, just to point out to them that you were roughing it in the Caribbean while they were sweating at a hot desk doing 9 - 5) you'll find that and more.

Vendor's Market on Grand Anse Beach Grenada
There is a wide variety of spices, jewellery, crafts, souvenirs, local food and much much more. From drinks and small snacks, to souvenirs and beach chairs.

For those who would just like to browse, there are benches and tables conveniently located around the market for you to linger. Don't know what something costs? Just go ahead and ask. The vendors would be happy to help.

Of course, the market is also open to visitors staying on the island with adequate parking along the exterior. As it's not open all of the time, I would suggest you plan to visit during the morning.

Location: Arts & Craft Market - Grand Anse Beach
Day: Mondays - Sundays from 9.00AM - late

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