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Claboney Hot Springs St. Andrew's, Grenada

Hot Springs in Grenada

Yes, we do have a few! As Grenada is volcanic in origin, there are a few reminders of this, still accessible to the general public. One of the easier sites to get to, is the Claboney Hot Springs in Grenville. It is open to everyone and several tour companies offer guided tours there.

You can drive to within about a hundred yards of the actual springs themselves, but will have to walk the final bit.

We can give directions as to how to get there, but for your own peace of mind, we would suggest that you hire a local tour guide.

There are a great many sidetracks and branchings to the road, and you can go astray quite easily. This is generally not a problem, as you just stop and ask someone for directions.

The springs are not sulfurous, but actually contain a type of iron oxide. During the rainy season, the outflow from the spring is usually twice what it normally is and the water can be just warm, rather than hot. However, this minor difference in temperature does not take away from the pleasure of relaxing in the small pool at the spring.

There is no charge to visit the spring, and it is usually deserted during the week. The trail to the spring can be a little muddy when it rains, but you cannot get lost, just follow the stream from the road.

If you are staying in the south of the island and wish to try finding it on your own, then take the central main road which goes via Grand Etang towards Grenville. Continue on this road until you get to the turn off which leads to Clabony. Once there, just ask anyone for directions to the hot spring. Once you leave the main road at Clabony, you will be taking one of the many partially paved 'farm roads'.

Hot Springs in Grenada
Hot Springs in Grenada
Hot Springs in Grenada
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