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Little Dipper Restaurant Woburn, Grenada

The Little Dipper Restaurant in Grenada

The 'Little Dipper' is a small local restaurant located in the Woburn area of St. George, which we frequent from time to time. It is about 15 minute drive from the tourist belt (Grand Anse) along the south-east coast heading north. Taking a taxi to get there would cost about US$20 from the Grand Anse area.

It is not what you would expect of a 'typical' restaurant, but more of the type of Grenadian construction which is common throughout the island. If you are driving by, you would most likely not give it a second thought, as it is a small grey nondescript wooden building just off the main road, on an incline.

This is one of the charms of the place as its location gives it an unobstructed view over the bay and over to the two islands on Grenada's southeast coast - Calivigny and Hog Island. In fact, it is one of the best views to have while enjoying a great dinner, especially around the full moon, as the bay is silver from the moonlight.

We had heard about it via word of mouth and driving by one day, realised that it was a cute building which we had admired previously.... the sign outside saying 'Little Dipper' also helped somewhat.

As a restaurant, it barely qualifies, as it only has about four tables in the entire place and appears quite rustic at first glance. However, this is where you would forget about the surroundings and concentrate on what is important...the FOOD!

The owner and cook, Joan, who knows us pretty well by now as we have been a fixture at her place over the past year or so, tends to you personally and is an excellent cook!

The Little Dipper Restaurant in Grenada The Little Dipper Restaurant in Grenada

There are only 3 dishes on the menu, and these are chicken, fish or lambi. There is no pretention to gourmet cooking. These are the dishes which she does well, and which everyone flocks to the place for.

If you are looking for typical restaurant fare, then this is definitely the wrong place. It is local Grenadian cooking at its best!

Needless to say, the place is so popular that you have to phone ahead and make a reservation to ensure that you actually can get a seat.

Local fruits and vegetables are used, and the tastes are very distinct and form an unsurpassed medley on your palette. Visitors and locals alike, visit here on a regular basis and it is well known in the yachting community as the best place for a Lambi (conch) dinner.

The Little Dipper Restaurant in Grenada

We both have our personal favourites, with my husband preferring the fish dinner, which he says is excellent, while I prefer the Lambi dish. They are mouth watering examples of local fare, and you will not go wrong ordering any of them.

Would we recommend it? Absolutely! We vote with our stomachs and go there regularly ourselves.

Prices are geared towards the local clientele, but for the quality and taste of the food, you would expect it to be twice the price. Needless to say, you can have a wonderful dinner for 2, with appetizer and drinks for under EC$100 (US$35).

The Little Dipper is open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday. Phone: +1 (473) 444 5136

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