Spicy Islander # 38
March '2001

Hey folks, here we are again, tongue firmly in cheek and fingers itching to bring you the latest gossip from the 'Isle of Spice'.
O.k, maybe its not quite like that. All you will have to settle for is a little news (not much) and our point of view (skewed) on some topics. So, without further delay... ('wow, anyone would think I did this professionally.........HA!')


  1. Sunsation Tours
  2. Events Calendar
  3. Carriacou Maroonjazz Festival
  4. Jalousea
  5. Tipping in Grenada
  6. Grenada by Night
  7. Specials/Events
  8. Mountain biking

1. Sunsation Tours
Arguably one of the best tour companies on the island, they offer friendly personalized service which keeps people returning year after year.
Like most other tour companies they have been around for quite a long time, and know all the ins and outs of our island, as well as an amazing amount of interesting trivia (but that is what you would expect from a knowledgeable tour guide).
They offer quite a variety of tours around the island, shore excursions for cruise ships, off-island trips, information and advice, and they can put you in touch with providers of services which they do not supply themselves. i.e horse riding, day tours to the Grenadines, sailing, snorkeling, golf, diving.
They do not believe in rushing you, nor in cramming too many into one vehicle, nor too much into one day, and keep innovating.
They will happily tailor-make trips for individuals, groups and special interests, all you have to do is ask.
But don't take our word for it, check out their web site yourself and contact them directly.


2. Events Calendar:
Lots of people have been asking for this, and now we finally have it available online. I'm talking about the events calendar. This is a listing of the events which will be happening in the island during the year.
Of course, this is not a complete listing, as there are several things which a planned on short notice, especially those which are done privately. For those of you who are planning on visiting for a particular occasion, such as the carnival, don't forget to check out accommodations at least 3-4 months in advance as most places are fully booked by the time the event comes around. You can check out the calender at: http://www.grenadaexplorer.com/events/

The sweet aroma of smoke-food kicks off Carriacou Maroonjazz Festival 2001 on Friday 27th April along with a scintillating display of Big Drum Nation Dance, String Band Music, Quadrille Dancing and Shakespeare Mas Dance until you say no more.
The venue for this year is festival is Belair Park, a lush forested plateau 800ft above sea level,tuck away in the middle of Carriacou. Belair is rich with history. Ruins decorate the landscape, a legacy of French and British rule, while Belair Park House is an edifice of colonel dominance. But here you will see views & scenery which is nothing but therapeutic. It is also a hikers paradise dominated by sheer quietness, diverse flora & fauna and more ruins at the end of the trail.
With a guide, you can also discover some interesting caves & water holes. The center of interest of course, is the Park. Here we will blend food, music and people, the theme of this year is Festival while the fusing of oneness through cultural expression is the ultimate goal.
The objectives are manifold. Firstly, we aim to preserve our rich cultural expressions. Secondly, we want to showcase it to others. Therefore, we aim to attract visitors from North America, Europe and the Caribbean in one setting, one spirit, as one big happy family.
In the interim, we aim to occupy every hotel room, give every taxi driver work, make every food vendor happy and further stimulate economic growth and development. The following is a full program for the Festival:

DAY ONE; Friday April 27th - Maroon Day.
9:00am - 12:00 midnight Smoke food (roll rice / coocoo, peas and local meats.)
Big Drum Nation Dance Parang - String Band Music - Quadrille Dance -Steel Band - Shakespeare Mas Dance.

Saturday April 28th : 7:00 PM Mighty Sparrow Live in Concert - Byran Lee Live in Concert - Ajamu - Tal pree

Sunday April 29th : 11:00am- Midnight - Picnic day- Culinary exhibition - Cocktail Tasting Competition - Art exhibition -Flea Market - N.C.B. Angel Harps/LiveLocal Bands -Mr. Blue & the Tight Grove live from Switzerland - Roots Jackson Live form London

Monday April 30th: 8:00 pm - Party Night. - Venue: After Ours - Burning Flames - Hottest DJs in the Land.

Tuesday May 1st: 12:00 Noon - Paradise Beach Jam Clash of the hottest DJs.

Already considerable interest has been expressed regarding the Festival. It is hoped that all Corporate Citizens & Government Agencies will realize the potential of cultural events of this kind. Shortly, we will begin marketing locally, through posters, billboards, flyers as well as the print and electronic media.
Belair Park itself will be transformed into a Festival village. A maroon center will be erected along with a special stage for cultural presentations. Several booths will be set up throughout the park to house the various exhibitions. The main musical center will be set amid a canopy of trees and the Belair Park House. The main stage will be at the bottom of the gentle slope giving a natural amphitheater effect. This year the Festival is budgeted at $300,000: and most of that money will be realized through box offices, sponsorship and donations. If the full potential is realized, well over $800,000: will be added to the economy.
It is our fervent wish that the foregoing information would give you a clear picture of the forthcoming Carriacou Maroon Jazz Festival and would indeed galvanize your efforts to support and join us in Carriacou for this special occasion.

Supplied & Written by
Frankie Matheson
Executive Producer

4. Jalousea
This is a private beach house situated at Petit Bacaye, which was recently described by the Financial Times as "a model of
culture friendly tourism." 25 minutes drive from the airport, Jalousea is set in a tropical garden and overlooks Petit Bacaye bay on Grenada's rugged south-eastern coast. The bay is secluded and the waters calm, sheltered by a coral reef, and the house, some twenty steps from the sandy shore, is cooled all year round by the tradewinds.
The small, half acre private island can be reached using the Jack Sprat dingy, or swimming, and is an ideal spot for picnics with views to 'die for' of the bays and mountains behind. Arrival at Jalousea is usually towards evening.
When the tropical moon rises, it bathes the white crested waves on the reef and billowing clouds above in its clear light. Dawn brings a tropical radiance to the scene and the oleander, bougainvillea and frangipani all dazzle the eye, while the viridian humming birds hover and white egrets stalk elegantly in the grass. Towards dusk, the black-shouldered heron flies over the mangrove as the setting sun suffuses the bay in an unlikely coral pink glow. As the sun sinks, the tree frogs and crickets begin their nightly mellifluous chorus vying with the roar of the sea breaking out on the reef.

5. Tipping:
While no one, including myself, likes to be told how much and how often they should offer gratuities, what is usually the norm in certain countries seems to be forgotten here on the island. Several visitors have mentioned to us that they had wonderful experiences while on vacation here, but when we inquired whether they left a tip, a very surprising number of them said no, even though their normal custom was to do just that.
In general, they said that they did not think it would be appreciated, or they simply forgot. Most persons in the service industry here do not get what you may consider the average salary. Usually, they are in the lower salary range, and tend to try and supplement their income as best they can. In general, if you have received good service from someone, and would like to show your appreciation, tip them.
It is the best way to let them know that you liked what they did for you, and benefits the person involved.

There is no hard and fast rule as to how much or how often you should do so, but if you let your conscience be your guide, you will not go wrong.

6. Nightlife in Grenada:
You should check out the nightlife while in Grenada, leave your hotel/ resort behind you and visit the hot spots.
There are a few places where you can party till the early morning hours, which feature all the popular music, but with a choice selection of calypso and Reggae which give them that Caribbean flair. If its fun you are looking for, then the following places are where the night and a restless spirit should take you.

Fantazia Disco:
Situated on the Morne Rouge Beach, they offer dancing to the latest local, regional and international hits. Soca, reggae, &
cadance are popular, too. The most popular nights are Friday & Saturday, and of course, during carnival time it is exceptional (and crowded).
They open from 9.30 PM 'til the small hours of the morning.

Dynamite Disco:
This night spot is located in the 'limes' in the Grand Anse area, about 20 minutes walk from the beach, and is popular, especially as they are open every night on the weekend.

Located in Lance Aux Epines, this is a pub and a nightclub. The music tends to be a little more of an American flavor, but the popular Caribbean tunes are also played. A popular hangout for the medical students, they have a jump up till morning on the weekends.

There are other nightclubs and of course around the holidays there is usually a party going on somewhere. If nightlife is what you need, there is no need to worry, as you can have a great time here.

7. Specials /Events
  • Owl Cottage is offering a special. For more information, check out their web site at: http://www.grenadaexplorer.com/owl/
  • The Osprey has increased its ticket price from EC$75 - $90. This is in response to the rise in fuel prices, especially diesel.
  • Looking for a way to get around while on the island?
    Then consider renting a scooter at: http://www.genadaexplorer.com/scooter/

8. Mountain Biking In Grenada: :
If you are thinking that cycling in Grenada must be way too hot, take too much energy and is dangerous, Spice Island Cycling will show you otherwise!
We have mapped out many different trails that will suit everyone, from the extreme mountain biker, to the gentle bird watcher. Mountain biking will give you a whole different aspect on viewing Grenada. It's up close, good for you, and great fun. Our trails will take you through beautiful spice plantations, across rivers, through small villages and end up either at a waterfall or an amazing beach. Off road trails are mostly shaded by nutmeg and cocoa trees, which allow for a cool spicy breeze to flow through.
If you are a mountain bike rider at home and want to experience cycling on a Caribbean Island, Grenada will captivate you.
Our bikes are TREK 830 front wheel suspension, which allow for a much smoother ride.
So come cycle Grenada with us, and experience this wonderful Island a different way!
Check us out at: http://www.spiceislandtrekking.com or email us at: spicetreks@caribsurf.com

OK everyone, sorry for the delay in sending out the newsletter, but we have been busy planning our vacation, paying bills and trying to keep our dogs from eating the furniture and anything else which crosses their path.
(So far all bets are off on what they will get their paws on next.) We've decided to take a summer holiday, as regards the newsletter, and therefore we will not be sending one out for about 2 - 3 months.
Don't worry though, we'll definitely have one for the carnival season, just so you'll know what's happening.
We're off in April, so wish everyone the best.

Bye for now..