The best and cheapest Transportation is the public Mini Bus! Our Buses travel around the entire island.  It's a lot of fun, because as you drive, you are entertained by typical Caribbean music. On the buses, you will meet some of the friendliest and most helpful people in the entire Caribbean.

Public Buses

grenada buses

The Local Public Bus

The bus stops wherever it is needed, except in the city of St. George and its suburbs where there are bus stops. They drive regularly from Grand Anse to St. George. The drive takes about 5 minutes, and costs only $2.50 EC per person. All the bus routes start at the terminal on Melville street in St.George, where you can find buses to different parts of the island. The destinations are well marked at the terminal, and all of the busses carry stickers showing their destinations. Of course, if you still feel a little lost, all you have to do is ask our friendly people for directions. The drive that takes the most time, is the one to the town of Sauteurs, which is on the northern coast of the island. It is also the most expensive of all the trips and costs $8.00 EC. The buses travel regularly on weekdays, from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

After regular hours, the buses charge higher rates.

Peter Taxi Service

grenada taxi


There are Hotel / Airport taxis which have fixed rates. All our taxis, mini buses & vehicles for hire are identifiable by registration numbers beginning with the letter 'H'.
Airport - Grand Anse $40.00 EC
Grand Anse - St. George's for up to 4. Pers $35.00 EC (14 US)
Private Tour $65.00 EC per hour
After 6.00 PM add $10.00 EC per trip.
The Street taxis provide good service, but it is a good idea to first find out how much they charge for the trip before entering the vehicle.
Check out Mandoo Tour & Taxi Service or K&J Tour & Taxi Service
, A & E Tours - Peter Mystique Tours

Car Rentals

There are quite a few car rental agencies on the island. The cost of renting a vehicle does change during the season, but on average, the cost is approximately US$50 a day plus US$12.00 for the local driver's license and US$12.00 a day CDW.  The price does vary slightly from company to company, so don't be afraid to shop around. For more detailed information, check out our Car Rental Page.

Water Taxi

water taxi

Water Taxi's

These are colourful motorboats that run between Grand Anse Beach and St. George's harbour. It is a fast, fun way to get from the town to the Grand Anse Beach, even if occasionally you may get a little damp. The cost depends upon the number of people making the trip. For two people, it costs about $10.00 EC. The boats are restricted to one section of the Grand Anse beach, near the vendors market, so if you are considering strolling along the beach, please allow sufficient time to get back to the embarkation point. Coming off the cruise ship, you just have to follow the signs to get to the water taxi stand. All boats used for this are licensed by the port authority, and must have sufficient safety equipment on board. The Water Taxis can normally be found on the Carenage section, in town. They are only on the beach when there is a cruise ship in the harbor.


Carriacou Ferry

carriacou ferry

When you are in the Isle of Spice, you should not miss the opportunity to visit our Sister Islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. An easy & convenient way to get there is  with the ferry service, Osprey Express Ltd. The Osprey Ferry is a modern , high-speed, catamaran ferry which departs from the Carenage in St. Georges.  You will enjoy a wonderful sightseeing ride along the west coast on your way to Carriacou .  This trip usually takes about 90 minutes and costs approximately $160.00 EC Return. $80.00 EC One Way.
Children (12 years and under) $100 return, $50 one way.
The daily departure times from Grenada are 9AM and 5:30PM Osprey Express Ltd also offers day tours. Website: