July 2013

The Grenada Carnival slowly starts.

For more information on schedule or playing Mas, please check out the site spicemasgrenada.com

28th July - 5th Aug - Carriacou Regatta

sailing festival The Carriacou Regatta is one of the most excitingly diverse in the Caribbean. This event attracts competitors from all around the world with work boats, racing boats, sailing boats and yachts. A weekend enchanced by sporting events, cultural shows, artistic performances, big drum dances and street parties. 

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August 2013

1st - 5th Aug - Rainbow City Festival

rainbow festivalThe town of Grenville in the largest parish St. Andrew, is the location for this lively celebration. Local arts, crafts, food, music and tours of scenic sites in the parish combine to make this a festival not to be missed.

Established in 1985 with a community focus to celebrate the cultural diversity and agricultural abundance in the Parish of St. Andrew, Rainbow City Festival has evolved into a national event for the east coast town of Grenville. Commencing on the first Sunday in August and concluding on the Monday, which is a public holiday, this infusion of music and flavours is named for the brilliant rainbows that often arch across the sky over Grenville Bay.

5th Aug - Emancipation Day
A Public Holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery.

Monday 12th Aug - Carnival 2013 - J'Ouvert

grenada jouvert Street theatre with traditional or Ole mas. Witness the original Jab Jab, Vekou, Wild Indian, Apache and various forms of Perrotte Grenada mas, music and chants.

Carnival Monday ends with the Monday Night Mas' street jump-up, where party goers in brightly coloured T-shirt bands, wave fluorescent wands and dance through the streets into the wee hours of the Tuesday morning.

13th Aug - Carnival Tuesday

grenada carnival The final parade of the bands through the streets for everyone to enjoy.

The celebrants parade in full costume, and it is the perfect time to catch them on camera in living vibrant colour.

This is followed by the final 'jump up' in the center of town, which usually goes until midnight.

October 2013

25th Oct. - Thanksgiving Day
This Public Holiday is marked by church.

November 2013

22nd - 23rd Nov. - 4th Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival

"The Spice Isle" of the Caribbean Grenada will once more play host to this much loved and unique annual Festival, which includes the highly competitive 2013 CAB Taste Contest and the Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival Golf Tournament.

During the 2 days of the Festival, Rum & Beer companies will set up an array of beautiful stalls from which they will offer patrons samples of some of the finest rum and beer products produced in the world.
- See more at: http://www.rumandbeerfestival.com/

December 2013

21st - 23rd Dec. - Carriacou Parang Festival

A music Festival and Cultural Extravaganza celebrated throughout the Sister Isle.


25th - 26th Dec. - Christmas Day and Boxing Day Festivities Celebration of the Birth of Christ. The public holidays are marked by family gathering and carol singing.

January 2014

1st Jan - New Year's Day
Officially a public holiday, the new year is welcomed to the islands with gala balls and parties at hotels and clubs as well as Church services throughout the parishes.

27th - 31st Jan - Spice Island Billfish Tournament

Grenada Fishing Tournament The annual Spice Island Billfish Tournament is a tag and release tournament that is organized by the Grenada Yacht Club in the Lagoon Road of St.George's. The tournament consist of 3 days of fishing , 4 days of fun-filled activities, and it is held always on the last week in January.

The event attracts boats from several of the other islands, with the largest contingent coming from Trinidad, as well as anglers from all over the world.

The first day is usually the best, from a spectators point of view, because all the boats are lined up outside the harbor for a bimini start. The only drawback is that it happens at 7AM.

Boats return to the Yacht Club around 5PM, and you can see some of the catch being weighed in at the yacht club jetty. At the end of the tournament the boat and angler with the most points are the winners.


30 Jan - 4 Feb - Grenada Sailing Week

Grenada sailing Festival Sailors from across the globe come together in Port Louis to compete against local sailors from around the Grenadines, a Caribbean jewel that has a long standing tradition of sailing, fishing and boat building.

Visit the Sailing Festival website at www.grenadasailingweek.com for news and updates.

February 2014

7th Feb - Independence Day Celebrations
One of the highlights of this public holiday in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, is a military parade at Tanteen.  Beach parties are also prominent on the islands.

March 2014

1 - 4 March - Carriacou's Carnival Celebrations

Carnival on the sister island is held at the pre-lenten time.  Music fills the air during the two days of the Parade of the Bands.  Prior to this there is a kiddies carnival, and competitions to select the  King and Queen of the Mas Bands, and the Calypso Monarch.

6th - 9th March - Grenada South Grenada Regatta 2012

Three major races with five categories, a pirate's trail, dinghy racing and a big racing party with BBQ and live music will be held at the end of it all. Prepare for an exciting weekend of great sailing and good fun at the Le Phare Bleu Marina and Boutique Hotel.


17th March - St. Patrick's Day Festival

Celebrations take place in Sauteurs, St. Patrick's. Exhibits include local arts and craft, agricultural produce, food.

April 2014

18th April Good Friday (Public Holiday)
21st April Easter Monday (Public Holiday)

26th-27th AprilCarriacou Maroon Festival

The Carriacou Maroon & String Band Music Festival is a cultural education and entertainment event, developed as the main brand event for Carriacou, and meeting world-class standards. Maroon culture is about thanksgiving and prayers to the SOURCE of all life, production and prosperity. Its African origins are authentically depicted through the drumming, singing, eating of 'smoke food' and other rituals practised by the local people. This aspect of the festival is a celebration of the rich cultural traditions, and the important values of sharing, unity and community self-help.

May 2014

1st May - Labour Day
Workers celebrate with parades and parties organized in their honour.

June 2014

9th June - Whit Monday (Public Holiday)
18th June Corpus Christi - (Public Holiday)

.. Fisherman's Birthday Celebrations

Gouyave in the parish of St. John, is the most popular town for this celebration. Church services and the blessing of fishermen’s boats and nets, followed by boat races and late afternoon street festivals.