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Grenada Half Day Island Tours

Please have a look at our tours and decide which one is the right one for you. These are just a few samples, if you would like to put together tour, we would be more than happy to do it for you.

Tour 1 - Eastern Half Day Tour

Fort Frederick - Laura Herb & Spice Garden - Carlton Cocoa Station - Grand Etang - Annandale Fall
Length of tour: 4 hours

For those who wish to get a comprehensive view of Grenada, this is the tour for you.
This interesting tour starts from the town of St. George’s, onto Fort Frederick – the best preserved of 4 Fort’s; offering you panoramic views.
Laura Herb and Spice Garden is your next stop. Experience the many aromas of our spices in their natural settings.
Travel along the Eastern Main Road, through scenic villages, along the Sea coast areas, to Grenville – the second largest town. Visit Carlton Cocoa Station for a tour of the processing plant.
Touring inland, the return journey takes you through many winding roads, to the rainforest; for a stop at Grand Etang Lake and Welcome Center. A downhill drive takes you to your final stop – Annandale Fall; resting in the central range of hills, south of Grand Etang.

Tour 2 - Western Half Day Tour

Concord Fall – Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station – Belvidere – Grand Etang – Fort Frederick
Length of tour: 4 hours

A popular tour from the Western Side of the island, travelling along the sea coast, then meandering inland to the Concord Falls.
Witness a demonstration of the nutmegs being prepared for export, at Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station.
Drive through Belvidere – an old banana, cocoa and nutmeg plantation, with some spice trees; first owned by the famous Julien Fedon in the 18th century.
Stop at Grand Etang in the Rain Forest. Visit the Welcome Center and Grand Etang Lake, which lies in the center of an extinct volcano.
Your final stop is – Fort Frederick for a photo stop of the town, famous Grand Anse Beach and surrounding villages.

Tour 5 - History & Nature Tour

Fort Frederick – Grand Etang – Belvidere – Gouyave Nutmeg Station – Diamond Chocolate Factory – Concord Fall
Length of tour: 5 hours

In order to have a bird’s eye view of Grenada, this is the tour for you.
Your first stop is Fort Frederick for a panoramic view of the town and history of 4 forts.
Proceed to the Rain Forest for a view of Grand Etang Lake also called Crater Lake and Welcome Center.
Drive through Belvidere, where agricultural products are grown; bananas, cocoa, nutmegs and spice trees.
Gouyave Nutmeg Station is your next stop where you would see the nutmegs being prepared for export.
The tour continues to Diamond Chocolate Factory in Victoria. Enjoy a tour of the cocoa gardens and sample the many chocolate products.
Travel along the West Coast and then drive inland for the final stop – Concord Fall.

Sensation Tour – See, Smell, Sample.

Palm Tree Garden - Laura Herb and Spice Garden - Westerhall Estate Rum Distillery
Length of Tour: 4 hours

From flowers to fauna. Then tour the Westerhall Estate – with a history dating back to the late 1700’s.

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