Here are some tips we have put together, on what to do, where to go and what there is to see, while in Grenada. For instance, Restaurants, Tours, Car Rentals, Shops or Hotels. We will feature photos and descriptions of why we think this place or tour is worth visiting or doing. Also, if you have visited our island, and have been somewhere or done something which you think is worth recommending, let us know what it was and why you think it is worth it, and we will add it to our 'tips' section.
Past tips we have featured:
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Sightseeing & Tours

Easy Rain Forest Hike - Cascade - Grenada Blog water cascade Slightly off the beaten path, and where you can go on your own if you rent a vehicle, are the small cascades upstream of the Seven Sisters Falls. Its the perfect place to relax away from the beach and just enjoy a cool soak in the river.
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Rome's Museum romes museum Mr. Rome's collection may not be officially a museum, but his collection of everyday antiques, many of which are from the early part of the century, give a snapshot of what life was like then. He enthusiastically guides you through his collection.
More details ... Fort George fort george This historical 300 year old fort, which overlooks the town and harbour of St.George, offers stunning views. With its old cannons and battlements, it has featured in the political history of our island and is easily accessed via the main road.
More details ... Belmont Estate belmont estate A 300 year-old plantation in St.Patrick's, that offers a unique link between the past and the present.
Provides a unique experience through tour, buffet, museum and special events, a living history exhibit.
More details ... Dougladston Estate dougladston estate Dougladston Estate is an old working plantation just outside Gouyave. Visitors can get a glimpse of how nutmeg is processed , along with other spice-shelf staples like cocoa and cinnamon.
More details ... Laura's Spice & Herb Garden

Cool spot to beat the heat - Grenada Blog water tufton hall If you would like somewhere to go to get away from the crowds and just relax and enjoy a refreshing soak in a river, then we would suggest you try the one in Victoria, near the old Tufton Hall estate.
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Grenada Sugar Factory You can purchase its rum products and enjoy a guided tour of the site, which is located in Woodlands, St.George's. River Antoine - Rum Factory river antoine rum distillery This privately owned distillery, whose processes have changed little since the 1800's is the oldest functioning water-propelled distillery in the Caribbean.
More details ... Fort Frederick
The Nutmeg and the Factories
Private Botanical Garden - Bay Garden
Grenadian Gardens
Cocoa Fermentary
grenada cocoa Cocoa is one of our main three agricultural products. But what happens next? What does cocoa / chocolate production involve once the pods have been picked?
More details ... Helvellyn House
Hot Springs hot springs Claboney Volcanic Hot Spring, about five miles off the east coast of the island, emerges from under a rock into a warm, sulphurous pool about 12 feet across and four feet deep.
More details ... Plantation House 'Morne Fendue'
Rose Mount
The market in St.George's grenada market Grenada's market is one of the most colourful in the Caribbean. It is at its very most colourful on Saturday mornings: full to bursting, bustling, all tables laden with fruit, vegetables and, this being Grenada, spices.
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Y & R Car Rentals
Arawak Islands
Vendors Market
Located at the Grand Anse Beach and offers a wide variety of spices, jewellery, crafts, souvenirs, local food and much more. Pelicans Villa - Carriacou
Lazy Lagoon Guest house

Restaurants, Entertainment & Nightlife

Little Dipper Highly recommended by us, excellent restaurant for local food - read our review. Sand Bar sandbarWebcamgrenada Blog:
If you would like to get away from the Grand Anse beach and try somewhere different to relax on a Sunday, then the Sand Bar should be at the top of your list. Crab Racing

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