Grenadian Gardens

Sunnyside is a mature house of character occupied by one of the established Grenadian families. It is situated in St. Paul's, an area just outside St.George's. The area was favoured by the French and the British in their time, for its proximity to the capital; but also for its elevation (hence views and relative coolness). The architecture and the ambience reflect this.

Today, the property boasts a superb garden. Superb enough to have been included in (UK) Channel 4 TV's Gardens of the Caribbean series in 1998.

Enthusiasts from all over the world have found it worth a visit: not just because of the profusion of trees, shrubs, orchids and other flowers, but because of the personal nature of the tour: hostess Jean Renwick will take you around herself. It is an informal session, feeling more like an visit to a family friend. The botanical diversity is visually attractive, of course, as are the ponds, but Jean also weaves historical, biographical and anecdotal touches into her commentary on the plants and their characteristics.
At the end, you feel that you know -Grenada better, and from the inside.

Above all, there is time: to look, to take photographs, and to compare notes if you are a gardener yourself.

After this, you drive the short distance to Joydon, another house/garden in the Renwick family.
This is a smaller site, with fewer plants, but laid out so that the impact of the color stays with you. The view to the south coast is unforgettable.

At Joydon, the hospitality element of the tour comes into play. On arrival, you are sat down by your hostess, the effervescent Joyce, and offered a range of cold juices made from fruits from her garden. So, literally, you not only see garden produce: you get to taste it as well..
These juices, unlike many on Grenada, are not over-sweetened: they really let you taste the fruit. If you want to take a taste home with you, there is a range of homemade jams available to buy.
After drinks and a snack, and the sort of conversation that makes you feel that you belong, there is the walk around the garden, and then you are asked to sign the visitors book. For the second time, you feel- that you have a friend in Grenada.

From the visitors' book:

  • "To sit among the exotic plants, drinking the fresh products from them and looking at that amazing view: WOW!
  • This must be paradise. Thank you for this experience."
  • "A delightful garden and such a pleasant morning. Hosts that are so hospitable are not easy to find.")
If you wish to make this a highlight of your stay, please bring supportive footwear. This is not the beach, the sites are not level (not much of Grenada is!); grass may be slippery after rain, and you may find yourself so busy looking at colors that you forget to look where you are going. Bring shoes with some tread, and with some ankle support.

For more information, contact Joydon or Sunnyside direct on (473) 440-1568 (Joydon) - 440-2613 (Sunnyside)
or e

For tours that include Joydon or Sunnyside, - Sunsation Tours

(written & photos by Ian Blaikie - Sunsation Tours

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