Helvellyn house in Grenada

There are several places to eat up north in Grenada, all of them worth a look (and a bite). All have their special characteristics, and we will be featuring others in this spot in months to come.

HELVELLYN HOUSE (and Food. And Garden, and View. Well, Views.)
....is one watering hole about as far north as you can go without getting your feet wet. It is a place where estate agents (and landscape artists) must surely run out of superlatives and resort to clichés.

grenada helvellyn house

The house itself was built by the current owner's grandfather, who also made the furniture. It is robustly made of stone, and melts into the inevitably non-level site into which it is built. If you go for lunch, you will probably eat downstairs, sheltered from the sun by the overhanging upper storey, but otherwise unenclosed.

lunch at helvellyn house photo The food is Caribbean by ingredients and inspiration, but never so extreme as not to appeal to a wide variety of tastes from abroad. A typical lunch would include callaloo soup and / or green banana salad, curried chicken / creole fish, a wide variety of vegetables in season, followed by home made ice cream (maybe nutmeg or mango), or a local cake (e.g. carrot, sweet potato pudding...)

So much for the data. But it is the setting which makes the place. How can you have a world-class view in so many directions?
No pictures can do it justice.
Look one way, and you see the southern Grenadines islands, which are easy to frame photogenically between bits of garden foliage.
caribbean view photos
Walk a few steps to the top of the garden, and you look along the north coast to Sauteurs and beyond. Look out from the front of the house, and you see a long, undulating recession of hills. tropical garden photo

Look down at the garden itself, and you have a profusion of fruit and flowers: bougainvillea, frangipani, flamboyant, carambola, calabash, golden apple, passion fruit, soursop, plum, citrus, pawpaw, sugar apple, even stinking toe (quite edible, despite the name.) To name, as they say, but some. Indulge in a drink from the little thatched-hut bar in the middle of the garden as you stare at the ocean and the islands. When it's time to go, the sundial will prompt you. There's usually enough sun to make it work, here!

dog photo
So: allow yourself plenty of time at Helvellyn.

Phone; (473) 442 9252 and book lunch, or an overnight stay, with hosts Karen and Badre Maaroufi.
They, and their staff, and Princess Leah (the dog), and assorted felines, will give you a day to remember.

Access is by turning off the west coast approach to Sauteurs at the corner at the dark green Chez Nora house. Continue along the (deteriorating!)
road for about a kilometer, then follow the sign to the left and uphill for Helvellyn House. Because of the current condition of the road, a jeep is advisable: the Helvellyn phenomenon makes the necessarily careful approach worthwhile, though!

(written & photos by Ian Blaikie - Sunsation Tours

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