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Grenada Explorer Team

A couple of years ago (1998), we started exploring the internet and consequently, got involved with creating our own personal web site. In the course of doing this, (and with an eye for where we would like to spend our next vacation), we found a large variety of informaton about several of the other islands, but very little about our own.


Being employed in the tourism industry here, we thought that there was a great deal which we could do with regards to organising and designing new web sites, and in general advertise our little piece of paradise. Eventually, (after seeing our efforts snowball into something bigger than we expected) we decided to create a main database where we could consolidate all this information on the Internet, and which would be easily accessable to visitors.


We work closely with clients to design a website which suits their needs, as well as host, maintain and advertise these websites on the internet. We offer affordable solutions for every budget. This is when 'Grenada Explorer' was born.

What Is Grenada Explorer?

Grenada Explorer / Spicy-Design is a registered company located in Grenada. We are a just small team of three people; Monja and her husband Neil, and Polly - we also get lots of help from our many friends and volunteers, who help us to get new ideas, updates, tips, and great stories for our site. If someone is searching the internet for information on where to spend their holiday, our aim is to provide as much information as possible in one place, so that we will captivate their interest and perhaps persuade them to visit. Consequently, the Grenada Explorer web site features many of our islands top hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, tour guides, activities companies, services and lots more.


Our website is not only for the bigger companies and businesses on the island, however, but for everyone. Whether its someone who has a taxi service, guest house or a hotel chain, we show no favourites. As an added benefit, our domain also offers many of the specials which are available, and along with a newsletter and travel tips, just what is needed to convince the prospective vacationer that the 'Isle of Spice' is worth more than a casual visit.


Grenada Explorer features photos and descriptive text, as well as contact information for all the web sites listed, so that you can deal directly with the businesses/owner and even book securely online (SSL). No travel agency or third party is involved. With easy navigation and regular updates to the website, made all the much easier as we are located here in the 'Spice Isle', the information available on the website is up to date and easily accessible. We will help you to plan that perfect vacation in paradise.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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