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Scuba Diving in Grenada & Carriacou

Snorkelling Magazine Beach Grenada

The underwater scenery in Grenada is every bit as breathtaking as it is above the waves, and just as accessible. Most of the diving facilities in Grenada are located in the south of the island, and most of the dives sites are within 15 minutes of Grand Anse Beach. The scuba diving in Grenada is very interesting with many wrecks around the coastline. They are suitable for different experience levels from 40ft/12m to 220ft/70m. There is also a wonderful Marine Park with pretty reef systems and the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park.

The island has PADI and BSAC instructors working at the dive centers and visitors may try diving as long as they are fairly fit and can swim. Technical diving is also available for those certified or wishing to learn. Diving in Grenada is perfect for the novice and a challenge for the master. The water surrounding Grenada and Carriacou offer fun and excitement for all divers of all skill levels. From lazy drift dives over coral gardens to an eerie and challenging exploration of the wrecks of the Bianca C, these waters are captivating more and more visitors each year.

Sites: Grenada has at least 30 and Carriacou 20 dive sites including, reefs, wrecks and walls most within 15-20 minutes from the dive shops.

Depth: Sites vary from 20ft/8m to 120ft/40m.

Visibility: Varies from 33ft/10m to 100ft/30m.

Dive Shops in Grenada & Carriacou

Dive Grenada

Grenada's Award Winning PADI 5* and BSAC Resort offers:

  • Very Experienced and Friendly Staff
  • Superb Scuba Diving ( 30+ dive sites )
  • Awesome Wreck Diving
  • Snorkelling to the Marine Protected Area
  • Discover the Underwater Sculpture Park
  • NITROX (for certified divers)


From beginners to advanced Tec Divers we offer:

  • Biggest boats on island!
  • Dive packages for all budgets!
  • Free Nitrox and Private Boat Charters!
  • Technical Diving
  • Guided Snorkel Trips.
  • Free Transfers from most hotels.

ScubaTech Grenada

YOUR friendly Dive Center. Come and discover the difference!
Owned and managed by Eveline Verdier, the highest qualified Instructor and Instructor Trainer In Grenada and Member of Women’s Divers Hall of Fame

  • Most personalized service, small & flexible, with Free Shuttle Service.
  • Beginner to Instructor courses in English, German & French
  • Private jetty - easy access to the boat all year around .
  • Nitrox for free.
  • Recreational, Technical & Rebreather Diving.
  • Diving, Snorkeling, Sightseeing, Sunset Trips, Water Sport.

Native Spirit Scuba

The 1st & only Grenadian owned & operated Scuba & Watersport Center in Grenada.

  • Located on Grand Anse beach at the Grenada Grand Beach Resort.
  • Small & flexible, individual and personalized service.
  • The most experienced Scuba Diving Instructors in Grenadian waters.
  • Most scuba diving sites within 10 minutes of dive center.
  • Hobie cats, kayaks and windsurfers available too!

Eco Dive & Trek

We are a full service water sports 5 Star PADI dive shop at the Coyaba Beach Resort with training in English or French. Our services include:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Tours of our island

Arawak Divers

Located in Tyrrel Bay on Carriacou, Arawak Divers is a comfortable familar PADI dive resort, offering individual service for all guests.

The friendly dive team with experience since 1994 in diving around Carriacou offers daily dive trips, night diving and day excursions to Isle de Rhonde and Tobago Cays.

Diving at the Sisters is our speciality!

Good Snorkelling Sites in Grenada

Snorkelling in Magazine Beach, Grenada

The most popular site is situated at Moliniere point in the Marine Park, which is only accessible by boat. From the Grand Anse beach, it usually takes about 12 minutes to get there, and offers excellent snorkelling. The reef in this area comes to within 6ft/2m of the surface, and it is in a sheltered location, where the water is usually quite calm and clear.

Most of the local dive establishments frequent this area, and you can easily get aboard one of their boats for a one and a half hour snorkelling trip to swim over the reef or visit the Underwater Sculpture Park.

For those of you who would prefer something a little more relaxed, you can take a taxi to either the Beach House or the Aquarium (Magazine Beach). Both of these are restaurants situated on the beach, and there is good snorkelling directly offshore from each. The beaches tend to be not as crowded as the Grand Anse, and there is the added benefit of having a good restaurant and bar nearby.

The easiest way to get there is by taxi - a pickup time can also be arranged with them. You can also arrange with a water taxi to take you there and back, and this is a great way of seeing more of the coastline.

Some of Grenada's Dive Sites

Diving the Bianca C in Grenada

Bianca C: A 600-foot cruise ship, sunk in 1961, lying on a sandy plain in 167 feet of water. The decks of the ship are accessible to advanced recreational divers, and are at 120ft/40m. The Bianca C shipwreck is edged on the south side by Whibbles Reef. At times there can be strong tidal currents, making this an advanced deep dive (with a checkout dive required). The ship is encrusted with sponges, as well as black, soft and hard corals. There are schools of jack, barracuda and spotted eagle rays.

Reef Diving in Grenada

Flamingo Bay: The wall with the most prolific fish life. Shoals of creole wrasse, yellow chromis, grunts, and jack knifefish lead down the wall to 90ft/28m, where there are grouper, jacks, and rays to be seen. The wall itself is encrusted with whip coral, an assortment of sponges and seafans. In the shallower parts of the reef, seahorses have been sighted.

Dragon Bay/Molinere Reef:This is a dive for beginners as well as advanced divers. The reef comes up to within 10ft/3m of the surface in some places and is popular with snorkellers too. It culminates in a wall which drops to 60ft/18m and further out there are two wrecks, the Bucanneer and the Don Cesard.

Whibbles Reef: A sloping sand wall that descends sharply to 170ft/50m to the north and gently to the south. This is an advanced drift dive over enchanting reef and coral formations. Travelling along the edge, schools of jack, rainbow runner, and wrasse can be seen. Among the brown coral, along the top of the reef, you may see turtles, eagle rays, and the occassional sleeping nurse shark. Lobster and barracudas also abound.

For more information about Grenada dive sites please visit DiveAdvisor.

Some of Carriacou's Dive Sites

Flamingo Tongue Diving in Carriacou

The Deep Blue (Sister Rocks): The wall starts at 30ft/9m and drops away to a depth of 130ft/40m. The current is generally strong, so this is a dive for experienced divers only. Touring around the "Big Sister" you drift along the second level of the reef. There is a second drop off at around 65ft/20m which offers the adventure of a deeper dive into a rock garden. The marine life typically found includes turtles, barracuda, nurse sharks, giant lobsters, stingrays, black coral and more. An ideal site for taking photos!

Sharky's Hideaway: This dive begins on a wall with a maximum depth of 75ft/23m. The dive becomes shallower towards the end (about 40ft/12m) as you reach a rock garden home to canyons, caves and overhangs. During the dive you should see lots of purple vase sponges, porcupinefish, grey angelfish, nurse sharks, and occasionally giant green moray eels - as well as hundreds of copper sweepers. It is a great place for underwater photography, particularly macro shots, and is suited to both beginners and advanced divers. There can sometimes be a slight current.

For more information about Carriacou dive sites please visit DiveAdvisor.

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