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Beaches in Grenada

La Sagesse Beach in Grenada

By visiting the mesmerizing island of Grenada, you can enjoy one of the most incredible natural wonders of the world. This beautiful island features more than 45 beaches full of countless opportunities for adventure, snorkelling, or just plain relaxing.

Even better, all beaches on this island are public. That means no matter how exclusive or expensive looking the area, it is open for all to enjoy. In fact to protect this right, Grenada has initiated guidelines for all developers requiring them to provide an access point for the public to get to and enjoy relaxing on the beach or spending the day snorkelling in the water. However, since all Grenada's beaches are public there are no nude beaches, so be sure to bring your swimsuit!

Grand Anse Beach Grenada

If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy and don't mind renting a vehicle with four wheel drive to get it, there are a host of other Grenada beaches in L'ance aux Epines, St. Patrick's or St. David's that can offer you the exact privacy that you desire.

There is also the option to take a scenic drive up the east coast of the island and in just about every bay along your way you will find your own private paradise. These secluded beaches feature both white and black sand beaches. Both offer the same luxurious feeling of sand between your toes. The only difference is that white sand beaches are created from broken up coral, while black sand beaches are created from ground down rock. Both create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing time on the beach.

Explore The Best Beaches In Grenada

Grand Anse Beach

Located on two incredible miles of white sand, this sheltered bay has become a favorite for both visitors and locals alike. This beautiful beach is heavily featured in advertisements about Grenada and its islands, and is located conveniently next to several major hotels. Grand Anse Beach is also well known for having the most serene and calm conditions as the beach is located on the western leeward side of the island. This means it is sheltered from high waves, strong currents and winds.

Grand Anse beach in is also the perfect place to explore the water. There are opportunities for everyone from the casual scuba diver, to the adrenaline junkie who thrives on water sports. However, if you would rather leave the water to the fish, you can also experience the native Grenadian atmosphere by visiting the local vendor market or have a relaxing meal at one of the islands authentic restaurants.

Of course the Grand Anse Beach is not the only white sand beach oasis available on the west coast of Grenada. There are a total of six beautiful white sand beaches (not including one or two small hidden stretches of sand) all of which are easily accessible, and in most cases are much more conducive to relaxation and privacy than Grand Anse beach.

Grand Anse Beach Grenada
Grand Anse Beach
Grenada's Number One Beach
Sunset on Grand Anse Beach

Morne Rouge Beach

Just a short distance south of Grand Anse is the island paradise of Morne Rouge beach. Located on a tropical and serene bay, this is the perfect Grenada beach location to relax with a cold drink or a good book.

With just two resorts located directly on the beach (Gem Beach Resort & Kalinago Beach Resort) you will be guaranteed a relaxing, private vacation - free from the crowds of other tourist locations. This is also the perfect place to bring your family. The beach features shallow, warm and calm water which creates the perfect atmosphere for a day of fun for your kids as well as for yourself.

There are plenty of shaded areas, beach chair rentals, and full service hotels with restaurants located on the beach.

If you like chilled out beach bars to watch the sunset from check out Rocky's and La Plywood. They both offer great cocktails, beers, soft drinks and bar snacks. Read more about Grenada's beach bars here.

BBC Beach Grenada
Morne Rouge Beach Grenada
View looking down on Morne Rouge Beach in Grenada
Morne Rouge Beach at Night

La Sagesse Beach

Another beautiful Grenada beach, this location is the perfect place for when you need to find a family-friendly beach. With sand as far as the eye can see, and a beautiful calm and shallow cove, your children will be able to play for hours without much worry of boredom.

Feeling hungry? This beach also offers La Sagesse Nature Resort with hotel and restaurant for all of your needs.

La Sagesse Beach Grenada
View of La Sagesse Beach Grenada
Secluded La Sagesse Beach in Grenada
One of the best Beaches in Grenada - La Sagesse

Bathway Beach & Levera Beach

Bathway Beach Grenada

Another popular beach, both for tourists and locals, is Bathway Beach.

Located on the north eastern end of the island, Bathway offers a fairly large amount of sheltered water where even non-swimmers can feel comfortable. However, this beach is on the Atlantic coastline, which means that at certain times of the year the water can get quite choppy. Take the western main road to get to Bathway Beach.

Levera Beach Grenada

Located a little further north of Bathway Beach, is this gem called Levera Beach.

It has a perfect view of Sugar Loaf Island, situated only a couple hundred yards offshore. The beach is usually deserted making it the perfect private getaway. However, the road to get there is quite rough so you may want to rent a four wheel drive before attempting to access this beach.

Sauteurs Beach

Sauteurs Beach Grenada

A perfect white sand beach located on the northern coast of Grenada, this is the beach to visit if you want some privacy, but do not have access to a four wheel drive vehicle.

One of the lesser know Grenada beaches, you will quite often find this beach empty as it is not quite as popular as Levera or Bathway. Don't let this lack of visitors push you away though, this beach is still the perfect location to relax during a tour of the island and has a beautiful view of the surrounding islands to the north.

Best Beaches For Snorkelling

No vacation to a Grenada beach is complete without at least one experience snorkelling. Grenada features some lovely snorkelling so it is well worth your time to get in the water and try it out. Some of the nicest shore snorkelling can be found near the Aquarium Restaurant or the Rex Grenadian Hotel.

To get to these amazing locations all you need to do is take the main road past the airport terminal until you see the sign for the restaurant on your right. Beyond amazing snorkelling, this beach also offers pristine white sand and sheltered areas for relaxation.

The Aquarium Restaurant and Beach Club is more than just a great location to snorkel. This Grenada beach location also offers a full service hotel and restaurant, beach chair rentals, beachside refreshments and overall just provides a great home base for your day of enjoyment.

The Grand Anse Reef Regeneration Project (GARRP) has installed a series of 'pyramids' off Grand Anse beach in an effort to attract marine life and develop coral growth in this area. You can snorkel or dive around the structures which have been highly successful so far - to rent snorkelling equipment contact Dive Grenada located nearby at Mount Cinnamon.

The Marine Park, is home to the world's first Underwater Sculpture Park. You can snorkel or dive around the sculptures which explore themes of local folklore, history and culture. The dive centers and day charter yachts organise tours to the Marine Park.

Magazine Beach in Grenada
Aquarium Beach Grenada
Rex Beach Grenada
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