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Grenada Explorer Privacy Policy

We (Grenada Explorer) do not collect and store any personal information used on our site, such as Names and Addresses and any Credit Card information used in reservation and booking details. We also do not share, sell or in any way disseminate mailing lists or any personal information of visitors to our website.


Any reservation details submitted to clients of Grenada Explorer, are for that clients use only, and are not stored by us. Reservation details are sent encrypted and all credit card details are erased once accessed by client. Any service or product you have signed up for or bought from a clients website, is strictly between you and that client, and has nothing to do with the service we are supplying to said client. We will not be held responsible for any transaction between you and a client, nor any losses, monetary or otherwise. We do not send out offers from our website, to visitors, and we do not offer a mailing list service.


We may reveal general, non-personal information from our website, such as number of visitors, search terms used, services requested etc.


Changes to this policy will be published 5 days before being implemented on our site, and will take effect for all information gathered afterwards. Information gathered before any policy change, will be subject to the old terms of agreement.

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